Shin Poong has established a number of overseas branches.


We are opening the bright future for mankind

  • How we collaborate
  • We are pursuing of a new idea.
  • We are listening to the new idea.
  • We are together delivering the new idea into the world.

Collaboration with academia and NPO

  • We have been committing in establishing a scientific research collaboration, together to complete the puzzle of complex diseases. We are working with the best academic researchers and NPO for the treatments targeting at various disease spectrums to improve the quality of life wherein it is as though disease-free.

Our Research & Development

  • We step forward with front runners in the belief “For the Health of Mankind with the Dignity and Prudence.” The drugs we are to deliver into the world are embraced over all therapeutic area, for which you and I together take the lead in finding the very key to the box of cures.
    May we invite you to join us?

Help your ideas
to grow and plant the seeds of future therapies.