To exert best effort to promote health of the people.

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Our company has made efforts to improve public health and hygiene and to promote health of human beings since foundation with the managerial philosophy of "for the health of the people". We have successfully synthesized some finished products and ingredients overseas as well as in domestic market products. That has been widely acknowledged for their superior quality. As a result of our effort to export pharmaceuticals internally developed and manufactured, we have solidified our brand awardness in over 50 countries around the world, including Europe and America.

As part of this globalization initiative, Shin Poong has established a number of overseas branches, including Tian Jin Shin Poong,Ltd. that has acquired an approval for GMP facilities from China for the first time among domestic pharmaceutical firms, Shin Poong Daewoo Vietnam,Ltd. in Vietnam that serves as a bridgehead to penetrate into the Southeast Asian pharmaceutical market and the GMC in Sudan in Africa that lays the groundwork for expanding our global presence.

Shin Poong,Ltd. is now committed to a new takeoff through substantial management with the spirit of challenge into new territories instead of being complacent with outward growth only while spearheading our endeavor to develop drugs against a variety of life-threatening deseases and to localize and export active pharmaceutical ingredients based on our Knowledge and experience accumulated over the past half century. On top of this, we are devoted to the production and supply of high quality Pharmaceutical products ranging from ingredients to finished products through a full-fledged operation of the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities while exerting best effort to develop new high value-added drugs by expanding the operation of central Research Institute designed to discover and create new materials.

Shin Poong,Ltd. pledges to fulfill its corporate roles and responsibilities of contributing to promoting human welfare with top-notch competitiveness while maintaining customer confidence based on continued commitment on research and development. All employees of Shin Poong will redouble efforts to create world class Shin Poong Pharm.Co.,Ltd. with new hopes and prospects for a brighter future.
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