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KGMP Plant 1 (Ansan City)

Site Area 17,230㎡
Total Floor Area 27,166㎡
Production Department(KGMP) 14,642.3㎡
API Production Department(KGMP) 6,498.4㎡
Central Research Institute 4,051.8㎡
Other Facilities 3,338 ㎡

Modern innovative production facilities with all types of formulations conforming to KGMP

Plant 1 is one of the KGMP-compliant factories built within the Banweol Industrial Complex in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do in 1984 in conformance with the guidelines of Korean GMP. Shin Poong Pharm. Co., Ltd. has established new quality pharmaceutical products manufacturing infrastructures that comply with the guidelines and requirements of KGMP throughout its entire production process based on the state-of-the-art equipment and facilities as well as the consistent production process in all products from active pharmaceutical ingredients to finished products in order to create high value added pharmaceutical products, including injection (liquid, powder (lyophilization)), ointments, and solid dosage while continuing relentless investment in building modern and innovative facilities not only for qualify of the products but also for efficiency of the production.

KGMP Plant 2 Building (Penicillin Dedicated)

Site Area 3,387㎡
Total Floor Area 5,431.4㎡
Production Department(KGMP) 5,585㎡
Other Facilities 630.2 ㎡

Penicillin antibiotics dedicated plant conforming to KGMP

Completed in 2002, the plant in the Banweol industrial complex is equipped with machinery and manufacturing facilities appropriate to produce various types of dosages including tablet, dry syrup, and injection in compliance with GMP regulations.

The penicillin antibiotic dedicated plant not only participates in contract manufacturing and it but also manufactures products distributed to both domestic and international markets with the help of computerized automated control system and sophisticated manufacturing facilities as well as quality assurance system. In consideration of the nature of the penicillin, temperature and humidity of all workplaces are adjusted by automated and computerized controlling system for the outcome of high quality products.

In addition, the production area is separated by the type of dosages to prevent cross contaminations. The entire process of constructing the plant was completed with in-house technologies with a complete set of manufacturing processes, including compounding and packaging intended to maximize the efficiency of the production, and minimize the risks of the contaminations.

KGMP Plant 3 Building (Antimalaria)

Site Area 6,536㎡
Total Floor Area 9,323.2㎡
Building for APIs (EU GMP) 4,365.3㎡
Building for Finished Goods(EU GMP) 4,401.8㎡
Other Facilities 156.1㎡

State of the art PYRAMAX plant in compliance with the EU GMP Guidelines

With the collaborative partnership with WHO and MMV, we currently engage in joint development of a new anti-malaria drug called PYRAMAX. In 2008, we completed the construction of the new building designed for the manufacturing of PYRAMAX in the Banweol industrial complex in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do.

This plant has been built based on the knowledge provided by top-notch professional specialists at home and abroad from the beginning stage with the goal of official approval of EU GMP and FDA.

It is a multi-purpose factory with highly sophisticated facilities, which is comprised of a seven story building for material synthesis, eight story building for manufacturing finished products, and a warehouse for hazardous materials, to manufacture not only PYRAMAX(APIs and finished goods) but also other solid dosages. The plant is expected to manufacture and supply superior medical products through the automated facilities, including fluid bed granulator(FBG): Huttilin/HKG-400-DJ from Germany.

In particular, this new plant has adopted the latest automated machine facilities and cutting-edge software system to ensure quality of the products and is designed to produce finished products and APIs of PYRAMAX as well as a wide range of other products.

Osong City (Cephalosporin Dedicated)

Site Area 51,984.1㎡
Total Floor Area 12,191.7㎡
Production Department(KGMP) 9,947.1㎡
Other Facilities 2,244.6㎡

Cephalosporin dedicated plant with up to date facilities and innovative design.

The construction of this plant has been started in December, 2008 with the total investment of 3.3 billion KRW in Osong BioHealth Science Technopolis, Chungbuk. In particular, the plant features an innovative design of cGMP grade and latest facilities constructed by E&Tech Construction Co., Ltd. in conformance to the EU GMP with the help of the conceptual design prepared by NNE Group, a world renowned consulting corporation based in Switzerland.

The Osong plant dedicated to cephalosporin drugs is expected to solidify its position in the market as a leading pharmaceutical company while improving the competitiveness of the product.

In addition, the company has spearheaded with the effort to localize active pharmaceutical ingredients and to develop and export a variety of new treatment dugs based on long-accumulated technology and know-how. Shin Poong pharmaceuticals has secured a strong base for another take-off as a prestigious global pharmaceutical company with the plant dedicated to cephalosporin antibiotics.