Shin Poong has established a number of overseas branches.

APIs & Products

  • The Generic R&D

    With creative and innovative attitudes inherited in our genes, Shin Poong’s generic R&D does not simply aim at manufacturing drugs. Or rather, through reliable analytic and synthetic capability that enables in formulating the very one beyond the original drugs, we produce high quality CMCs by one-stop manufacture line.

  • APIs & Generics Over Original

    The generic facility at Shin Poong is embraced with API(Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), OTC(Over The Counter), and ETC(Prescription drug). The generic and new drug R&D combined together generate ameliorated products and innovative drugs via ingenuous and authentic technology.

  • Our Heritage, Our Pride & Our Feasibilities

    In the belief that “For the Health of the People with the Dignity and prudence”. Not only has Shin poong been committing to bringing a regional contribution, by far, with generic drugs to reach at the basic need of people but stepping forward to the world to reach at the very need of people nowadays through out-of-the box approaches.

  • Happiness and Life for Mankind

    In 1988, GMC plant was built in South Africa as the first of domestic pharmaceutical company. In 1995, Shin Poong established a local product corporation in China and Vietnam as another branch engaging in the production in overseas, which gives us a vantage point in cultivating other markets nearby. We try to cut the ahead of curve all time by such an exploration into the new world and following physical and financial supports in them.