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Title Supply Agreement with EMI Pharm, Serbia for Medicurtain, Anti-adhesion Barrier
Date 2018.08.24 Hit 10688


Shin Poog Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CEO, Jei-Man, Ryu) signed a contract with EMI Pharm D.O. Co., Ltd., Serbia for the supply of anti-adhesion barrier, Medicurtain®. As a major issue, Medicurtain® will be exclusively supplied in Serbia and Montenegro. The trademark and patent rights are owned by Shin Poong, and the total contract amount is USD1.85 million for seven years.


Medicurtain®, an anti-adhesion barrier developed by Shin Poong with its own technology is a combination of hyaluronic acid (HA), which has excellent biocompatibility and wound healing power, and hydroxyethylstarch (HES), which has excellent anti-blood coagulation and anti-inflammatory action.  

It is a unique product developed as an anti-adhesion barrier injection after surgery.


Various clinical trials have shown that not only the function of forming a physical barrier (membrane) by highly viscoelastic hyaluronic acid but also the prevention of thrombosis and inflammation forming the basis of adhesion and exhibiting excellent anti-adhesion effect. It provides satisfaction to both medical staff and patients by minimizing the adverse effects caused by postoperative adhesions. It has both outstanding efficacy which film type has and convenience of liquid type.


Medicurtain® has obtained ISO13485 of medical device quality management system certification and CE certification of European Union (EU) for the first time in Korea as an anti-adhesion barrier, and applied and registered for patent in USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, China and Europe.


Shin Poong’s person in charge said, "We are expecting to establish a bridgehead in expanding the market to neighboring Eastern European countries as well as Russia and Western Europe through this Medicurtain®’s entry into the Serbian market, which is the center of the Western Balkan region."

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