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Title Shin Poong attends at BIO USA 2018
Date 2018.06.11 Hit 9918


Shin Poong Pharm. Co., Ltd., Attended at BIO USA 2018


Announcement of the Phase 2 clinical results and recent R & D results/Strategy for the out-licensing and collaboration




Shin Poong Pharm. Co., Ltd. (Jei-man Ryu, the CEO) recently announced the possibility of the success of SP-8203, the new stroke candidate drug, at the 2018 Bio International Convention..


The company introduced the overall performance including not only the achievements in the current R&D pipeline but also some commercial products on June 12th.


At this event, Jei-man Ryu, the CEO presented the results of the recently completed Phase 2a clinical trial of SP-8203.


SP-8203 which has a multiple neuroprotective effects, a novel drug candidate for stroke, was selected as an oral presentation agenda at 2018 European Stroke Organization Conference (ESOC) held at the beginning of last month.


Clinical phase 2a results in a total of 80 patients who received thrombolytic agent tPA alone or endovascular surgery with tPA demonstrated that SP-8203 could be safely used in combination with these standard therapies to improve the significant improvements in neurological disorders.


"We have confirmed the interest in SP-8203 by global pharmaceutical companies, in terms of the safety and the improvement of the significant improvements in neurological disorders. SP-8203 is going to be in the clinical trial Phase 2b as early as possible by the end of the year, based on the clinical trial 2a outcome, commercial potential, and government-oriented supports. We will also have a strategy for out-licensing and collaboration with global pharmaceutical companies." said Jei-man Ryu, the CEO of the company.


In addition, he went on “SP-8203 is a new treatment for the acute ischemic stroke with high unmet medical need, which could be positioned as a self-developed global first-in-class, as previously did with the development of Pyramax the new anti-malarial drug.”

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